Dubsahara @ Ozora 2018

A recording of my set in the Ozora festival Dome 2018.
First 2 hours is original music mostly –
I used some samples from the album :
Jonathan Fitoussi – Clemens Hourrière – Espaces Timbrés VERLP35
In the intro and a couple of other places.
The second track is – Organismic “Manufactured Shape # 4”
And the rap in the 5th track is a sample from Kid Koala ‎– Floor Kids.

The ending was an hour lo-fi arabesque neuro jam 92 bpm,
30 minutes of this got recorded, which I edited onto the end.
The recording is very low quality .
But you can get a flavour of the day 🙂
Thanks to Ozora for the gig.

Ableton Live
Roland MX-1 mixer
Korg mini kaoss SP2

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