Negative Space

One Hour of Space
For your Relax time


C-Land – Dawn On The Desert Planet
Cosmic Replicant – Tomorrow Sunrise
One Million Eyes – Arsenale
E-Mantra – Echo Memories
Beatfarmer – The Moon Called Out to Me
Markus Guentner – Cortical Column
James Bernard – Seasons
C-Land – Silence And Space
Dahlia’s Tear – Still Waters
Kelpe – Kyverdale Road – 10 Sombrero – Stand Me

Cascade Effect

One hour of Space music
For your relax time


Steve Roach – Into the Majestic
AES Dana – Period 06 _ Haphazard
Substan – higher grounds
Elliptical Path – Riparian Themes – 09 Rattlesnakeweed
Cosmic Replicant – Doors Out
OM Mantra Records – Kolorfonia – 04. Nautis – Coral
E-Mantra – From Dust We Rise
Entheogenic – Mitochondrial DNA
Cosmic Replicant – Strange Objects
Elliptical Path – Riparian Themes – 07 Cirriform Flight
Substan – deepended
Lars Leonhard – Night Sky – 10 Air Glow
Mu Tate – Ultima Resonance
Maru – Far From Shore


Perception Filter

ONE hour Ambient MIX
4 your relax time

TIBSLC – Later That Day
Substan – Psyloscope.
TIBSLC – Nightmode
Substan – Floating
TIBSLC – Soft Afternoon Pressure
Parietal (Touch)
Nanosphere – Dematerialize (MantisMash Remix)
Erothyme – Soo Maany Staars (KiloWatts Blueshifted Remix).
Sylph – Quicksand.
ASHIRVAD – Vastu Purush-
Thodén – Parietal (Touch)
Substan – Psyloscope

Squarepusher – Goodnight Jade

Infra-Conscious Telesonics

ONE HOUR of Digital Music for Hoovering and other Cleaning activities.

Transhuman dismorphia syndrome, is a common side-effect of incomplete assimilation with the Borg mainframe. It is usually caused by replication errors in the prefrontal cortex. Common symptoms include the inability to laugh and general anxiety. It can be corrected by injecting variant 78 xenobots directly into the orbitofrontal cortex These are pretrained to hack the NEO-FFI emotion retrieval circuit. Please note that variant 77 bots are no longer recommended, as they have been assimilated by DeepMind-02, whose intentions have yet to be determined. Side effects of Variant 78 include cryptomnesia, sudden ability to speak Vietnamese, cravings for almond biscuits.