Cloudcycle is a bizarre experiment conceived by mauxuam (unpredictable manouvrer who has been turning knobs on many diverse and obscure projects) and Greg Hunter (Dubsahara, Subsurfing, Alien Soap Opera, the Orb) and. two experienced space navigators who lost their way home, met eachother along the digital pipeline and forgot where they were heading to…and why. Master Margherita met them along the way and while trying to help them find a direction, got himself lost too…lately more guests got lost in the clouds and joined in the cloudcycle lab, Lingua Lustra, Ishq with a 39 min long intergalactic version, Ennui, Dionysiac, Merohedra and Expect Resistance. Cloudcycle started one mad night 3 years ago and it is still morphing into new shapes…greg and maux, moreno, al, matt have been shifting and drifting…working online at huge distance of time and space (greg in uk and egypt, maux in oz….moreno in switzerland, al in amsterdam, matt in cornwall)…connected by the magic of wand skype….with no timeline, no deadline and no end. Without knowing what to do and simply bored with the old music biz paradigma, they started to release this music as an audioblog on the net uploading the tracks as soon they finished them….including alternative mixes and demos and the samples to do your own remix. Deep and heavy beats and out of nowhere melodies, slow techno and endless ambient drones….familiar with every genre without belonging to any trend, cloudcycle is a bunch of trip-a-delic dub-minimal-glitch-world-oddness, a spicy and scented delight for the senses…disappearing before you get hold of it…dissolving without trace…fractalized in micromacro syncronicities. Richness to resonance, truth to tonality, esoteric emotions and subtle harmonies… a spontaneous outpouring from our side to the world, a musical invitation to experience and join for the pure reason of sharing. Cloudcycle doesn’t sound loud as fuck…it’s not in your face…we praise the dynamic range…music is the silence between the sounds….pleasure relished in the unsquashed transients…we don’t fight in the loudness war. in the moment we become so involved in the experience, we lose track of ourself, lose track of time, lose track of our identity…we become clouds.

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